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Can tempered glass be used in construction
- 2020-04-23-

Self-explosiveTempered glassThe inherent characteristics of the are almost inevitable. In order to reduce the self-detonation rate, the original glass piece can only be finely edged and subjected to secondary heat treatment, that is, hot dip treatment. Even so, the 1 ‰ self-explosive rate is already the limit. Once the glass explodes, the cost of replacing glass in high-rise and super high-rise buildings is much higher than the cost of glass itself, and the risk of replacement construction is extremely high.

The heat treatment of semi-tempered glass is similar to tempered glass, but the degree of tempering is low, and its surface stress is not greater than 69 N / mm 2, so semi-tempered glass does not belong to the "safety glass" currently defined. Because the surface stress of semi-tempered glass is low, there is no danger of self-explosion. When it is not affected by the outside world, it will never explode on its own. In this sense, it is safer than tempered glass.

Even if it breaks under the action of external force, the fragments formed by the radial cracks will not fall easily due to the gussets, notches or silicone structural adhesive around it, and you can have time to remove and replace them. Based on the above reasons, when designing architectural curtain wall glass, it is necessary to choose "safety glass" according to the actual situation. It is recommended that tempered insulating glass can be used for the bottom layer, and laminated insulating glass or semi-tempered laminated insulating glass is used for the upper part. Laminated glass is preferred if the calculation is passed. The toughened insulating glass is used for the bottom layer because of its low height. Even if it is broken due to temperature and earthquakes, it will not damage people and objects near the curtain wall due to falling, and it will not harm people due to sharp fragments of glass.

If the tempered glass is used for the curtain wall of high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, once broken, the falling glass fragments will accelerate the fall due to gravity, causing casualties and economic losses. At the same time, the broken glass instantly broke away from the frame, and people standing near the glass were also very unsafe. Therefore, the high-rise building curtain wall should use laminated insulating glass-the outer layer is laminated, the inner layer is toughened, the outer layer glass will not fall off even if it is crushed by impact, and the inner layer toughened glass will not hurt people by impact, which is very reasonable the rules.

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