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Product advantages of wire U-shaped glass
- 2020-05-14-

  Wire U-shaped glassIn the process of calendering production, a special glass is formed by pressing the wire mesh into the semi-liquid glass ribbon. Wired glass has the advantages of fire resistance, security, and anti-theft. Compared with ordinary glass, wired glass has its different advantages.

Wire U-shaped glass is made by heating general flat glass to the red heat softening state, and then pressing the preheated iron wire or wire mesh into the center of the glass. The characteristic of the wire-wound glass is superior in fire resistance, it can block the flame, it will not burst when burned at high temperature, and will not form fragments to hurt people when broken. Other wire-cut glass also has anti-theft performance, and the glass is cut and barbed wire is blocked. Wired glass is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony windows.

If the fire-extended fire and the wire-wound glass are heated and burst, they can still maintain a fixed state and play the effect of isolating the fire, so it is also called fireproof glass. The defect is that during the production process, the wire mesh is simply oxidized by high-temperature radiation, and the glass surface may show the same yellow and bubbles as "rust spots". Wired glass is commonly used in skylights, ceiling covers, and doors and windows that are susceptible to vibration.

The wire-shaped U-shaped glass is a rolling method made by embedding a metal wire or a metal mesh in a glass plate. When it is impacted, it will only form radial cracks and will not fall into the wound. It is mostly used in high-rise buildings and factories with strong shock.

Wired glass is a type of safety glass. Press the pre-woven steel wire into the softened red hot glass, which becomes wire glass. The steel wire mesh has a reinforcing effect in the wire glass, so its flexural strength and temperature resistance are higher than that of ordinary glass. Even if there are many cracks when broken, its fragments can still be attached to the iron wire, so as not to splash and hurt people. The color of the wire glass is bright, suitable for the ceiling and partition of the room, making the room space bright and spacious, elegant and luxurious.

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