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Methods for designing u-shaped glass
- 2020-04-16-

U-shaped glass, also known as slot-shaped glass, is a novel construction profile glass, foreign production has nearly 40 years of pre-use history. Because the cross-section is U-type, so that it has a higher mechanical strength than ordinary flat glass and has aspiring light transmission, better sound insulation, thermal insulation, can save a lot of metal materials, as well as simple construction and other advantages, applicable to the construction of the inner and outer walls, partitions, roofs and windows.

And we often interpret the light as a U-shaped glass, U-shaped glass is often used in our lives, but our understanding of it is also shorter and less correct cognition; In our country, the material was presented in the late 1970s. Because glass consumer enterprises and related construction departments are very unfamiliar with this glass, so this new type of construction glass has not been developed, let alone implemented and applied. With the continuous development of China's national economy and the people's life and death level from time to time progress, in China's construction and decoration design departments, consumer departments and circulation and other aspects of joint efforts, this new type of construction glass in China can certainly be implemented and applied, access to rapid development.

The production methodof u-type glass has several methods of rolling, roller and casting, but it is still widely used. So in our country to build and industrial U-shaped glass useful more common, then there is about the design we know how much? Next, let's share some of the design methods with us, so let's follow the manufacturers to understand:

How to design:

1, the surface has many disposal methods, ordinary fine-grained texture, clear type, color, etc. , design in addition to ordinary fine-grained texture, other types of needs marked.

2, belong to the information does not extinguish, we can do a good fire grade, such as special requests according to the relevant specifications design marking.

3, the device method see the device combination method, commonly used is the two-row wing at the seam in pairs to place the hollow device, or single-row wing facing inward or external device.

4, applied to the outer wall, the installation length depends on the local air load, glass space air height, etc.

The above is the U-shaped glass manufacturers for you to make a summary, hope to be able to help you!


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