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U-glass product advantages you know?
- 2020-05-20-

U-shaped glass is a kind of special-shaped glass used to build a wide range of. Because its cross-section is U-shaped, progress glass force, so that it has a higher mechanical strength than flat glass, installation span is large, can save a lot of profiles. At the same time has the glass ambition of light transmission, double-layer installation, has better insulation and sound insulation. The construction is simple and convenient, suitable for the construction of external walls, internal distance, as well as external wall decoration, making it one of the standard parts of construction.

U-shaped glass is a type of die-cast glass made of computer-controlled glass furnace, which adheres to the stable high quality and accurate size of the product. Due to its high product strength, it is installed in high-rise construction or large areas where light is required, without the need for additional levels or straight support. Because of the various installation methods, so that the construction of light, sound proof and noise, thermal insulation function is obvious, become one of the new green environmental protection and energy-saving glass.

Because the cross-section is U-type, so that compared to the general flat glass has a higher mechanical strength and has the ambition of light transmission, better sound insulation, thermal insulation, can save a lot of metal materials, as well as simple construction benefits, applicable to the construction of the interior and exterior walls, distance, roof and windows. And we often U-shaped glass light interpretation as a U-shaped glass, U-shaped glass is often used in our days, our understanding of it also lack of some correct cognition; The production method of U-shaped glass has several methods of rolling, roller pressing and casting, but it is widely used to delay. Therefore, the construction and industrial occupation U-shaped glass in China is widely used.

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