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Why use toughened glass for broken bridge aluminum windows?
- 2020-04-28-

We know that the standard window glass of the merchants is generally hollow glass. Many people think that this glass is enough. There is no need to upgrade to tempered glass. Many northern customers have used plastic doors and windows in their homes. I haven't seen my own glass self-cracking, I think that ordinary glass is enough, so why do you have to upgrade the tempered glass for broken bridge aluminum windows?

Because the windows used to be plastic-steel windows, the materials were plastic, and there was a buffered rubber strip between the frame and the glass. No matter whether the window was thermally expanded or contracted or glass, there was little self-cracking, and the broken bridge aluminum window was different The data is a metal aluminum alloy material. Glass and metal are in direct hard contact. At the same time, the elastic tension of the glass glue will cause the glass to self-crack under the effect of no external force, although not every glass will do so, but the bridge is broken. The probability of ordinary glass showing self-cracking phenomenon is much greater than that of tempering.

From the perspective of cost performance, consumers are also encouraged to choose tempered glass. Taking Beijing as an example, the door and window installation masters now have a salary of four to five hundred yuan. However, in Beijing, when traffic is congested, two users generally run to replace the glass. Labor, materials, shipping costs, the glass with a small area does not have four or five hundred yuan, and the merchant will not replace it. If you upgrade to the window selection, the 10 square meter windows are only more expensive than ordinary glass {{1} } Yuan, if you replace this 10 square meter glass, it is not the price, so for long-term consideration, it is still recommended to choose, the balcony windows in the south are basically tempered, and there is very little general glass.

From the safety point of view, tempered glass is stronger and safer than ordinary glass, especially the windows in the home are floor-to-ceiling windows, the glass must be selected for large glass, and the ones with children and elderly at home are also particularly suitable , After bursting into small particles, does not hurt people.


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