Ultra white glass stripe U-shaped glass

Ultra white glass stripe U-shaped glass

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Because society and architectural design unitsU-shaped glass is not known, but in any case, U-shaped glass should have a certain position in the new wall materials.

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 Frosted refers to the glass color glaze powder adhered to a certain size area on the product glass, after580 ~ 600 ℃ high-temperature baking makes the glass color glaze coating melt on the glass surface and shows a decorative method with a different color from the glass body. Adhering to the glass color glaze powder, you can use the pen to paint, or you can use the rubber roller to roll. Through silk screen processing, you can getFrosted glassFloor pattern. The method is as follows: on the surface of the glass product, a layer of pattern formed by the flux inhibitor is silk-screened. After the printed patterns are air-dried, the frosting process is carried out. Then, after baking at high temperature, the frosted surface without the pattern will melt on the glass surface, and the silk surface covered by the pattern cannot be fused on the glass surface due to the effect of the flux inhibitor. After baking, the transparent floor pattern will appear through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect.


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