Striped U-shaped glass

Striped U-shaped glass

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As the name suggests, glass is mainly used for doors and windows, but why has it become a wall material? Tao Yousheng answered the reporter's question"Amateur" question: "First of all, judging from the function, purpose, parameters and application of U-shaped glass, U-shaped glass is indeed a kind of wall material; 80 Conceptual judgment of the definition of new wall materials defined in the years-in addition to solid clay bricks, all wall materials are new wall materials, thenU-shaped glassIt can also be considered as a new type of wall material; again,U-shaped glass uses waste glass (abandoned building glass and daily-use glass products) as raw materials, that is, from the perspective of recycling of construction domestic waste, U-shaped glass should also be a new type of wall material that encourages development and promotes waste. Tao Yousheng believes that it is critical to solve the problem of U-shaped glass from the concept and definition.


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