Ultra white U-shaped glass

Ultra white U-shaped glass

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There are many ways to reuse waste glass. Except that the flat glass industry can basically achieve "self-production and self-sale", the use of other aspects is more difficult to produceU-shaped glassThe same can be achieved on a large scale. Regardless of the use, the amount of waste glass currently being reused is not even a fraction of the amount of domestic waste glass estimated by experts to be as high as 1500 million tons. Part of environmental hazards.

The policy encourages and supports the reuse of waste and broken glass, including various aspects, such as supporting and promoting the application of new wall materials such as U-shaped glass, supporting them in taxation, and supporting them in funds. Recycling good waste and broken glass is a good thing that is conducive to the development of circular economy and energy saving and emission reduction. It is in line with the main theme of the low-carbon era, and clear policy support will receive significant returns.

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