Ultra white glass U-shaped glass

Ultra white glass U-shaped glass

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Installation of U-shaped glass:
A. Use expansion bolts or nails to fix the frame material in the opening of the building. The frame can be connected at right angles or diagonal angles. There should be at least one fixed point on each side of the frame. The upper and lower frame materials should have a fixed point every 400 ~ 600.
B. Cut the stabilizing plastic parts into corresponding lengths and put them into the upper and lower profiles in the frame.
C. When the U-shaped glass enters the frame, the inner surface of the glass should be scrubbed carefully.
D. Insert the U-shaped glass strips in sequence.U-shaped glassThe depth of the upper frame material should be inserted≥ 20. The depth of inserting the lower frame material should be ≥ 12, and the depth of inserting the left and right frame materials should be ≥ 20. When the U-shaped glass is inserted into the next piece, and the opening is wider than the glass width, cut the glass along the length, and install the cut glass according to the {End of Glass Installation Order} on page 18, and insert the plastic Cut into a length corresponding to the glass and put it on one side of the frame.
E. The elastic pad is inserted in the gap between the frame and the glass, and the contact surface between the pad and the glass and the frame must not be less than 10.
F. In the joint between the frame and the glass, glass and glass, and the frame and the building structure, it is filled with a glass glue elastic sealing material (or silicone glue) for sealing. The narrow thickness of the elastic seal between the glass and the frame ≥ 2, the depth should be ≥ 3, and the thickness of the elastic seal between the U-shaped glass blocks should be between 3-5.
G. After installing all the glass, remove the dirt on the surface.


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