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Why steeled glass needs to be used carefully
- 2019-12-18-

Public buildings should use tempered glass with caution

Over the years the facts have now shown that: tempered glass as a "safety glass" for the crowded public buildings, there are a great safety risk, so that owners and visitors, are in a sense of insecurity. Because I do not know when, I do not know which piece of glass will suddenly blow up, down a burst of glass hail, spread the ground, injured and destroyed.

Therefore, in the crowded public buildings, have to choose a single piece of tempered glass, we must be careful to take care, the adoption of the necessary safety measures:

1, tempered glass for secondary heat treatment.

2, under the curtain wall set up an isolation zone, do not arrange to attract pedestrians and spectators to stay in the facilities. Indoor wall does not have booths, catering, sales direction. Outdoor parking spaces should be removed from the root of the wall, which is fitted with green or sink.

3, the installation of a metal safety net over the flow of people.

4, the entrance and exit of the rain shed.

5, the film explosion-proof.

Reducing the exterior stress of tempered glass

The greater the external stress of tempered glass, the deeper the degree of steeling, the more prone to self-explosion. It is now stipulated that the external stress of tempered glass is not less than 90N/mm2, the purpose of which is to reduce the scale of broken glass, thereby reducing the risk of damage.

However, high stress is accompanied by high self-explosion rate, the stress is greater than 90N/mm2, the risk of self-explosion is greatly increased. In fact, just blast, the risk is now there, the glass slag a little smaller is no longer decisive.

Can we change our minds: first avoid or reduce the risk of self-explosion, and then talk about the scum of glass slag. Just don't blow it up, there's no question of big or small ones.

The current glass code avoids this problem. Glass with an external stress greater than 90N/mm2 is tempered glass, which conforms to the current specification, and glass with an external stress of less than 69N/mm2 is semi-tempered glass, which also conforms to the current specification. But the exterior stress is 69N/mm2 to 90N/mm2 glass, but nothing is allowed. In fact, the stress below 90N/mm2 glass self-explosion rate is low, less risky, what is not good?

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