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Analysis of the advantages of architectural curtain wall glass as decoration
- 2019-11-25-

The decoration characteristics of the curtain wall glass mainly depends on the decoration function of the building glass, the building glass is the soul of the curtain wall glass, is the core, this is the building glass in the modern building more and more use, more and more varieties, more and more complete functions of the reason. It can be said that the use of building glass in the building, the type of use and the function can be used as a mark of the evaluation of the degree of modernization of the building. The reason why the building glass occupies such an important position in the building, because the function of building glass in the building is no longer the weather cover, rain shelter, light, but developed into a set of insulation, insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, barrier electromagnetic waves, shade, decoration in one. In particular, the decoration function of building glass, can be said to be ever-changing, no building glass, there is no modern building.

The decoration function of the building glass is very rich, the author has done a lot of research, found that the decoration characteristics of glass can be divided into glass light transmission, glass transparency, glass translucent, glass refraction, glass reflectivity, glass multi-color, glass lighting, glass surface pattern diversity, glass shape diversity, glass installation structure diversity. Not only that, the decoration function of glass is active, dynamic, is full of vitality of life. It and the sun shines, can make the building colorful, brilliant people. It and the moonlight, can make the building light light, full of mystery. It and the light, can make the building such as the palace in the sky, can also make it become strange and land away, can make the room auspicious warm, but also make it cool.

The reason why the building glass has such a rich decoration characteristics, because the building glass or plated sun control film or low radiation film, it is the film on the glass so that the glass produces such rich decoration characteristics, at the same time make the glass has outstanding thermal insulation function, in the focus on building energy-saving today, do not choose the coating glass has been unable to meet the building energy-saving planning requirements.

The use of sun-controlled coated glass on the curtain wall makes a building colorful, reflecting the street view opposite the building on the building, can be described as a scene. In the early days of using sunlight-controlled coated glass, individual building glass has a phenomenon of high reflectivity, people outside the industry have called light pollution, but the industry does not have the term light pollution. In order to solve the problem of excessive reflectivity of individual building glass, in 2000 China's Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau issued china's norm "building curtain wall glass optical function" GB/T18091-2000, in this specification of the building glass reflectivity has been properly limited, the building curtain wall glass anti-wall glass Light function has entered the standard, quantitative stage, high reflectivity of the building curtain wall glass has been very rare, especially in recent years, China's emphasis on building energy conservation, sun control coating glass has not been satisfied with the building energy-saving all the needs, the current large public buildings mainly use hollow Low-e glass (large public buildings are the main body of building curtain wall glass use).

To sum up, the decoration characteristics of the curtain wall glass is colorful, there has never been a building curtain wall glass 'light pollution' problem, only colorful building curtain wall glass will be the modern city dress up so bright.

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