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What causes the toughened glass to break
- 2019-11-06-

1. Design reasons

  1. There are too many glass support points. Because the building requires a large area of ​​glass, six points, eight points, four points, and six points plus a pair of side supports are selected. Such many supporting points are unevenly stressed, and it is easy to crack the glass.

  2. The board gap is too small, and the glass swells to the top and die. Remember that before I saw a single glass hidden frame curtain wall in an office building in Tibet, more than 30% of the glass shattered. Many cracks were parallel to the board gap, and the glass was extruded and arched outward. This is because the width of the board gap is less than 8 mm, the temperature difference between day and night in Tibet is large, the glass swells in the daylight, the board gap is narrow, the caulking glue is hardened, and the deformation in the glass plane is limited, as long as the outer arch breaks.

  3. The support is too tightly bound, the point support head is not hinged, the glass entry slot is too tight, and the glass plate is difficult to rotate.

2. Construction reasons

  1. Edge processing. Some glasses are not finely edged or chamfered; even some glasses are not edged at all, and the edges and corners are not treated, which is prone to self-destruction or cracking.

  2. The metal groove for installing tempered glass is too narrow, the surface of concrete and granite is close to the surface of glass, and the deformation of glass is limited.

  3. Force installation. The glass is not flat after being tempered, and the multi-point support is not leveled. The height is high and low. It can not be installed hard. The initial stress of the installation is too large, causing many glasses to explode or break.

  4. The glass gasket is too thin, some even only 2 mm, the glass will swell to the bottom of the groove as soon as it expands.

  5. The caulk is unqualified, hardening and inelastic.

Take design and construction measures to reduce glass breakage

At present, a lot of glass is broken in the project. Some of them are damaged due to the self-explosion of the glass and some due to temperature changes. They are actually damaged by strong winds and earthquakes. Many damages can be reduced through design and construction measures.

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