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What is the advantage of colored glazed glass compared with baked glass
- 2019-09-17-

The transparent texture glass will have a special beauty that seems to be absent, and the transparent material makes it a special function to brighten the light and expand the space in home improvement. If used properly, glass building materials will create a romantic and fun atmosphere for home life. Both colored glazed glass and baked glass belong to glass. Which is better than colored glazed glass? Mainly different in manufacturing process. The following editors will give you a detailed introduction from the aspects of process, manufacturing process and function.

, Colored glaze glass and baking glass manufacturing process

  1, stained glass

Colored glaze glass is made by applying inorganic glaze to the surface of the glass through screen printing, roller printing, digital glaze printing and other glazing processes, and then drying and heating furnaces are heated to the glass glaze melting state and tempered and quenched. After heating and sintering, the glaze layer can be integrated with the long-term bonding of the glass, so that the color glazed glass has good acid and alkali resistance and safety. As a kind of architectural glass material, colored glazed glass has a huge feature of decoration function, which makes the decoration surface appear rich tones and pictures, and gives dynamic beauty with the change of light.

  2, painted glass

Painted glass is a kind of expressive decoration glass, which can be expressed by spraying, roller coating, screen printing or shower coating. It is also called back-painted glass, divided into plane-painted glass and frosted-painted glass. It is commonly used in the home. Waiting for local in the background wall. Painted glass is painted on the reverse side of the glass and baked in a 30-45 degree oven for 8-12 hours. In many places where paint glass is made, natural drying is generally used, but the adhesion of natural dried paint is relatively small. Simple drop in the environment.

Second, the manufacturing process of colored glazed glass and baked glass

Colored glazed glass: Colored glazed glass is sprayed / painted / printed with inorganic glaze, then baked at 620-720 high temperature, and integrated with the glass body.

Painted glass: Painted glass is sprayed / drawn / printed with organic polymer blended with organic / inorganic pigments, then baked and fixed at 100-150 degrees Celsius.

Third, the function of colored glazed glass and baked glass

The color glazed glass is formed at high temperature. The surface of the color glazed glass has formed a chemical combination, which can not be scraped off with a knife. It is very strong and hardly changes any more. The bonding function of the lacquer is continuous with the moment, and it may fall off and change color. As for the impact resistance and safety functions of glass, it depends on tempered glass and has nothing to do with colored glaze and baking paint.

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