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How to maintain high-altitude building curtain wall glass
- 2019-07-29-

I believe we will touch various glass products every day, such as glass cups, glass doors, glass windows and so on. Although we often touch them, we don't know much about the types and properties of these glasses. However, due to insufficient understanding of glass materials, various problems often occur. We will introduce to us how to maintain the curtain wall glass of the building, and help us further understand how to wipe the glass outside of the high-rise building.

The important part of the curtain wall is glass, and glass is a wearing part, so management and maintenance are very important.

Wide circulation of air in the place of preservation is necessary. Especially in the high temperature and cycle temperature cycle should pay more attention. If the conditions do not allow them to be stored indoors, they should be covered with a tarpaulin or plastic to prevent rain and water from being blown in by the wind, and the hood should be opened regularly to check for condensation.

It is necessary to cover the glass with an opaque protective cover, and it must never be stored directly under the sun. The various types of glass should be placed upright at an angle of 5 ° -7 ° to the straight direction and leaning against a strong straight wall. The top and bottom edges of all glass should be cushioned with oil felt, and separated with maintenance paperboard or other oil felt. If the glass is lying flat, it is necessary to cover the surface with oil felt to prevent dust, sand glass or other contaminants.

Maintenance during construction. In the construction, it is usually hung near the glass with colorful flags, decorative ribbons, etc. or attached to the front of the window frame, side post or window sill to mark this is the space where the glass is installed. Never let the rope directly touch the glass, and don't let the marks or paint directly draw on the glass surface. If welding, cutting sandblasting or other construction techniques that may damage the glass are adopted near the glass, it is necessary to apply plywood Or plastic board as a tight insulation layer to prevent them from affecting and even damaging the glass.

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