Ultra white glass frosted frosted U-shaped glass

Ultra white glass frosted frosted U-shaped glass

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Frosty's warm mystery and demure elegance, combined with different shapesGlass products create the unique reservedness, dignity and beauty of Oriental women, blooming the dazzling light of the art of glass bottles, and the misty visual effects floating in the dream, giving you a dreamy new enjoyment, and a life-like Feelings, thus changing our perception of the surrounding world. According to the needs of the artist's work and the requirements for creative inspiration, it is carefully managed, and the impact and drama of the work can be imagined. Many modern artists use the inherent characteristics of the glass bottle to pursue personalization, fully showing the artist's unique creativity and imagination. The transparency of glass contrasts with the opacity of frosted glass, andFrosted glassThe shape of the intact is like putting a wedding dress on the outside of the glass, which is admirable.


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