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Hangzhou Xiangjie Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of U-shaped glass products for construction!

The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating glass R & D, manufacturing, sales, design and construction. At present, it has an excellent technical service team, a mature market channel, a good corporate reputation, and can provide tailor-made solutions for customers. With its integrity, strength, product quality and service, it stands out from the fiercely competitive market and develops steadily.

The company has a modern U-shaped glass factory workshop of 10,000 square meters, with a U-shaped glass production line, a U-shaped glass tempering line, and a set of U-shaped glass frosting processing equipment.

In 2009 year, the company and related equipment manufacturers and Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Institute of Light Industry) invested in Shandong to complete the current U-shaped glass production line with advanced technology. And established a test line in Linyi County, Dezhou City, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, after more than four years of efforts, finally overcome the related technical problems, made a series of technical innovations and finally completed the development of the entire project. In 2013, the company carried out technical transformation of the project on Chongde Second Avenue in Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to expand production capacity. The project covers an area of ​​50 acres and has built a modern standard workshop.

Our production has good environmental protection and energy saving, meets strict standards, and provides a full range of products that are safer and more energy efficient for the majority of owners and projects. Xiangjie U-shaped glass has the characteristics of good lighting, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, and light resistance.The shape is a banner type, which has the era atmosphere of upright, clean, smooth lines, and has a unique Decorative effect, and easy to install.

Our company also specializes in producing: tempered glass, architectural glass, colored glazed glass, etc.

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Xiangjie's operating ability

Develop products with good environmental protection and energy saving

Shenyang Yuanda, Beijing Jianghe, Beijing Honghengji, Shanghai Meite, Shenzhen Sanxin, Wuhan Lingyun, Zhejiang Yasha, Zhejiang Baoye and other curtain wall enterprises, as well as Poly, Vanke, Rongxin, Rongchuang and other real estate companies "Sincere, pragmatic, high-quality, efficient" corporate purposes, product quality and service have been recognized by the industry.

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Xiangjie Glass focuses on U-shaped glass, focuses on quality and service, and can meet the multi-level needs of different customers. Dedicated to provide customers with better products and services, striving for a harmonious and win-win situation!


Mission: Committed to the promotion and application of global green building U-shaped optoelectronic building materials

Vision: Become the global leader in green building U-shaped optoelectronic building materials

Values: professional focus, innovation and win-win, unity and cooperation, and gratitude to society

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