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Energy-saving design of double-layer glass curtain wall

  1. Principle of energy saving

In summer, the double-glazed wall is usually ventilated by natural ventilation through the "chimney effect" in order to reduce the temperature of the indoor air; if in winter, the "greenhouse effect" is used, which can obtain better insulation effects, and Can greatly reduce heating consumption. When doubleU-shaped glassCurtain wallWhen exposed to the high temperature in summer, the air in the curtain wall channel will be heated, so that the air will flow from the bottom up, and then the hot air in the channel will be taken away, in order to quickly reduce the indoor air temperature. If in winter, the outer vents of the double-glazed curtain wall can be closed, so that the temperature of the air in the glass curtain wall continues to rise after being exposed to sunlight, narrowing the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and obtaining good thermal insulation effect Greatly reduce the consumption of air conditioning and heating costs.

  2 . Strengthen ventilation or cool down

In general, the temperature around the glass curtain wall is a few degrees higher than the temperature observed in actual weather. If it is a double-glazed curtain wall, the amount of ventilation in the glass curtain wall is determined by customs and wind direction, and is not affected by the chimney effect; therefore, in the energy-saving design process of the glass curtain wall building, the double-glazed curtain wall space Separated from the vent, the main purpose of this is to reduce the backflow of summer hot air into the room. However, the cost of this energy-saving design is very high, and even reduces the thermal insulation performance of the glass curtain wall.


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