Wire glass price

Wire glass price

Product Details

Quality standard of wire glass

  1, classification: products are divided into wire embossed glass and wire polished glass; according to thickness, they are divided into 6 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm According to grade, it is divided into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. The product size is generally smaller than 6 00mm × 400 mm, and not larger than 2000 mm × 1200 mm.

  2, technical requirements:

  1. Screen requirements:Wire U-shaped glassThe wire mesh and wire mesh used are divided into ordinary steel wire and special steel wire, the ordinary steel wire is directly 0. Above 4 mm, the special wire diameter is 0. 3 mm or more. The wire mesh of the wire mesh glass is welded by spot after being processed.

  2. Appearance quality: The appearance quality of the product should meet the requirements of the following table 2.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 3. Size and thickness deviation: size deviation, length and width allowable deviation is ± 4 0mm. The allowable deviation of thickness conforms to the table 1.

  4. Curvature: The wire embossed glass should be at 1. Within 0%; wire polished glass should be within 0. Within {{{{6}}}}%. The protrusions, notches and deflection of the glass edge shall not exceed the height of 6 mm, and the size of the deflection shall not exceed {{6}} mm. Only one notch is allowed for a piece of glass, and the depth of the notch shall not exceed 6 mm.


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