Wire glass

Wire glass

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Wired glass is also called shatterproof glass or steel wire glass.

Features: Wired glass improves the strength of the glass. When it is damaged by impact or sudden temperature changes, the fragments will not fly away, avoiding the damage of the fragments to people. When encountering a fire, the wire-cut glass is heated and burst, but due to the effect of the wire mesh, the glass can still be fixed to prevent the flame from spreading. When faced with theft and other situations, it can play the role of security against theft and robbery.

Application: Wired glass is used in the skylights of buildings, daylighting roofs, balconies and shielding parts of business counters that have anti-theft and anti-robbing functions; when used as fireproof glass, they must meet the requirements of the corresponding fire resistance. Wire-cut glass can be cut, but the exposed metal wire at the fracture should be treated for rust prevention to prevent the glass from "rust cracking" due to the volume expansion of the rust body.

Wire U-shaped glass is also called shatterproof glass and steel wire glass. In the rolling production process, it is a special glass formed by pressing the wire mesh into the semi-liquid glass ribbon. Wired glass has the advantages of fire resistance, security, and anti-theft, compared with ordinaryStained glass, Wired glass has its different advantages.


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