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Construction Glass

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Because of its unique optical properties, glass has become an important part of building components. In recent years,Construction GlassFrom lighting and decoration to multi-functional development of high efficiency, energy saving, light control, safety, and environmental improvement. New functional glass such as intelligent dimming glass, low-emission energy-saving glass, vacuum glass, fireproof glass, etc. has become the new favorite of the architectural glass industry.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Electrochromic / thermochromic glass can adjust the lighting according to human wishes, it is an intelligent energy-saving glass. Low-radiation fully tempered vacuum glass can effectively block the heat and sound transmission indoors and outdoors, which is the future development direction of efficient energy-saving glass. Fireproof glass can control the spread of fire and is an important safety glass. With the continuous increase in the area of ​​public buildings, the cleaning problem has become a major consumption of building maintenance expenditures, and the self-cleaning function is also a major development direction of glass components in the future.


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